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SF Dev401 Dumps 4

1. How can you create Many to Many relationship in

 A. Create a direct Many to Many relationship
 B. Use a junction Object
 C. Use a piece of code to relate both objects
 D. Not Possible to create Many to Many relationship in

2. Can Dashboard Components be retrieved from Recycle Bin on deletion?

A. Yes
B. No

3.How many external Id’s are allowed on an object?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

4. What can not be done with the profiles ?

A. Control the tab access
B. Set the CRUD permissions
C. Give access to records by modifying the record types
D. Control password settings

5.Which functionality is NOT available on the Custom Object?

 A. Validation Rules
 B. Assignment Rules
 C. Workflows
 D. Record Types

6.Which of the following can be done by the Pagelayout Editor?

A. Make a Field Mandatory
B. Make a Field Read-Only
C. Both A & B
D. None of Above

7. Which of the following is not allowed?

A. Master (Custom object) and Detail (Standard object)
B. Master (Custom object) and…

SF Technical Interview Q

Technical Questions

1)     What is Apex?

2)     What is VisualForce?

3)     What is an S-Control?

4)     What is the difference between Visualforce and S-Control?

5)     What are recursive triggers? How can we avoid the recursion problem?

6)     What are apex governer limits?

7)     Do governer limits apply to sandbox instances?

8)     What are recent release features?

9)     How do you use actionFunction tag?

10)   What is the difference between actionFunction and actionSupport tags?

11)   What is actionPoller?

12)   What is the difference between ISNULL and ISBLANK?

13)   How do you do FileUpload using visualforce?

14)   What is appExchange? How can I host my application on appExchange?

15)   What is batch apex?

16)   When will you use batch apex and what is the best practice?

17)   What is apex scheduler?

18)   What are webservice callouts?

19)   What are wrapper classes?

20)   When do we use wrapper classes?

21)   How do you hide header and side bar on visualforce page?

22)   What is …

SF Tough Questions

General Q :

1)     Explain how MVC architecture fit for Salesforce?

2)     How will you create relationship between objects?

3)     How many types of relationships are possible between objects?

4)     How many data types are supported for a Custom Objects standard field name?

5)     What are activities?

6)     What is the difference between task and event?

7)     List and describe features used to set permission and data access in custom app?

8)     How will you create a user?

9)     What are the available editions in Salesforce?

10)   What is the difference between different editions of Salesforce?

11)   What is the difference between Sandbox and Developer environment?

12)   How to schedule export or take the backup of Salesforce?

13)   What are sharing settings?

14)   What are person accounts?

15)   How forecasting works in salesforce?

16)   What are system fields? Can you name some of them.

17)   What are default components available on home page?

18)   How do I change the home page layo…

Lookup Vs Master Detail relationship

1.No, you cannot have a rollup summary field that uses a Lookup relationship. it must be on the parent of the master/detail relationship.

Lookup Relationships:

1. Loosely coupled
2. Child field value may be optional
3. No cascade delete
4. Independent ownership & sharing
5. Maximum 25 lookup relationships per child

Master/Detail Relationships:

1.Tightly coupled
2.Child field value is always required
3.Cascade delete
4.Inherited ownership & sharing
5.Maximum 2 master relationships per detail object
6.Can be multiple levels deep
7.If master is a standard object: 2 additional subdetails
8.If master is a custom object:  3 additional subdetails

Important Q & A basics dev401

1. What is Apex ?

Ans: It is the in-house technology of which is similar to Java programming with object oriented concepts and to write our own custom logic.

2. What is S-Control ?

Ans: S-Controls are the predominant widgets which are completely based on Javascript. These are hosted by salesforce but executed at client side. S-Controls are superseded by Visualforce now.

3. What is a Visualforce Page ?

Ans: Visualforce is the new markup language from salesforce, by using which, We can render the standard styles of salesforce. We can still use HTML here in Visualforce. Each visualforce tag always begins with “apex” namespace. All the design part can be acomplished by using Visualforce Markup Language and the business logic can be written in custom controllers associated with the Page.

4. Will Visual force still supports the merge fields usage like S-control ?

Ans: Yes. Just like S-Controls, Visualforce Pages support embedded merge fields, like the {!$User.FirstNam…

SF Dev401 Dumps 3

35.In Universal Recruiter application a developer realizes that the Salary field of an employee is set up to an incorrect value. The developer needs to find out who has set this new value to Salary field. Which feature of the platform can be used to support this requirement. Select the one correct answer.

Debug Log
System Log
Setup Audit Trail
Field History Tracking

36.Which of the following is correct about custom fields in Salesforce. Select one correct answer.

If a field is set as required it must be entered in the Salesforce generated pages, however it may not be specified when entering information via API
A required field is always present in an edit page
A unique field is always present in an edit page
A unique field increases report and SOQL performance

37.Fields of the which of the following type is not allowed to be set as external ids. Select one correct answer.


38.The number of master detail relationship that an object can have are



SF Dev401 Dumps 2

21.Which report type does not support analytical snapshot? Select the one correct answer.


22.A customer has requested a user interface where list view of four objects can be accessed together with frequent navigation across them. Which feature of platform can be used to support this requirement? Select the one correct answer.

Analytical Snapshot
Layout template

23.In a recruitment application, a dashboard component needs to be built that will display total number of positions. Which dashboard component can be used to implement this feature? Select the one correct answer.

VisualForce page

24.Universal Recruiters will like to hire ten employees in two months. In a recruitment application, a dashboard component needs to be built that will display progress towards achieving this goal of hiring of ten employees. Which dashboard component can be used to implement this feature? Select the one correct …

SF Dev401 Dumps 1

1.How many characters are there in the Salesforce case-insensitive id field of an object? Select the one correct answer.

a. id field is not mandatory
b. The field length is customizable
c. This depends on the version of Salesforce
d. 18

2.Name the prefix used by standard VisualForce markup tags. Select the one correct answer.


3.Which of the following cannot be included in a VisualForce page? Select the one correct answer.


4.To create a new VisualForce page HelloWorld in development mode, which URL should be appended to server address? Select the one correct answer.


5.What is the maximum size of a VisualForce page? Select the one correct answer.

1 MB
5 MB
15 MB
There is no limit on the size of a VisualForce page

6.What is the number of components that can be added to a dashboard? Select the one correct answer.


7.Which of these represent the correct syntax for custom controllers? S…