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SF Dev 401 Dumps 16

1.  Approval related history list has all the fields which are present on the Approval layout?

 A. Yes
 B. No

2.True or False - When you delete a lead from a campaign, it deletes the lead record itself.

 A. True
 B. False

3.It is possible for a Page layout to be associated with a Record Type.

 A. True
 B. False

4.Case escalation rules triggered on the last modification will be reset each time a user?

 A. Reads a Case
 B. Edits a Case
 C. Creates a Case
 D. None of the above

5. What is the use of marketing user profile?

 A. User can create campaigns
 B. User can import Leads
 C. User can work in marketing Application
 D. None of the above

6.A group of executives has requested a convenient way to see daily metrics without having to log in to Salesforce. How would a developer accomplish this goal?

 A. Create a Workflow rule that sends a link to the dashboard in an email
 B. Schedule the dashboard for daily refresh and email distribution
 C. The users’ home page layouts to include a dashboard
 D. Create a series of daily recurring events providing the dashboard link

7. How is the expected revenue calculated in the opportunity?

 A. Amount multiplied by the total price of all opportunity line items 
 B. The sales price on any line item times the probability of the opportunity 
 C. Amount multiplied by the probability 
 D. Amount multiplied by the discount percent 

8. A Field hidden from Field Level Security is available from?

 A. Search 
 B. Reports 
 C. Page Layout 
 D. Console 
 E. None of the Above

9. Based solely on the role hierarchy a manager can do all of the following EXCEPT:

 A. View, edit, delete, and transfer his/her and his/her subordinate's records 
 B. Extend sharing on both his/her and his/her subordinate's records 
 C. View all folders his/her subordinate has access to, i.e., Reports, Documents, and Email Templates 
 D. View records his subordinate does not own but can view 

10. Under what circumstances would the sharing button to be enabled on a detail view for a record.

 A. A developer has added the button to the page layout 
 B. When record sharing is enabled in the user profile 
 C. When record sharing is set to public read only or private for the object 
 D. When record sharing is set to public read/write for the object 

Answers :

1  b.  | 2.  b  |  3. a  | 4. b  | 5. a  |  6. b  | 7.  c  |  8. e  |  9. c  | 10 .  c



    Use of marketing user profile
    User can import Leads

    Use of marketing user CHECKBOX
    User can create campaigns

  2. for question 5 "B" is the anws right ?

    1. for question 5 Both "A" and "B" right?

      Marketing User Can manage campaigns, import leads, create letterheads, create HTML email templates, manage public documents, and update campaign history via the import wizards. Also has access to the same functionality as the Standard User.

  3. The correct answer for question 8 is A. As I know, field-level security doesn’t prevent searching on the values in a field.

    For more information check this out:

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