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SF Dev 401 Dumps 18

1.If you have an email campaign and a telemarketing campaign that both influenced the same opportunity, and you designated the email campaign as the primary campaign source, the campaign statistics opportunities fields will be populated for the?

 A. Email Campaign
 B. Telemarketing Campaign
 C. Both Campaigns
 D. Blank

2. True or False - A Record Type may determine the default value of a picklist field.

 A. True
 B. False

3. True or False - It is possible to share a custom object record manually.

 A. True
 B. False

4. True or False - If a profile does not have access to an application, that profile will also not have access to the tabs and objects of that application.

 A. True
 B. False

5. True or False - Fields hidden using Field Level Security are subject to Data Validation Rules.

 A. True
 B. False

6. The Opportunity stage related list can be customized to show changes to specific fields on the opportunity?

 A. Yes
 B. No

7. How can a developer get a Custom Object added to the quick create list

 A. Add the object through home page component settings
 B. It is added automatically
 C. Expose a custom tab for the custom object
 D. Enable the quick create on the user profile

8. What minimum level of access is required on account to add a task to it?

 A. Read
 B. Edit
 C. Delete
 D. Any of the above

9.  Which of the following is NOT a step in creating a junction object?

 A. Creating the custom object to serve as the junction object between the two master objects
 B. Creating two master-detail relationships
 C. Customizing the related lists on the page layouts of the two master objects
 D. Creating two lookup relationships

10.  A Workflow Approval process may be used for all of the following objects EXCEPT:

 A. Opportunity
 B. Users
 C. Assets
 D. Contracts

Answers :

1.a  |  2.  a  |  3. a  |  4.  b  |  5. a  |  6. b  |  7. c  |  8.  b   |  9. d  | 10.  b 


  1. Are answers correct? For example, #2 has no D as an answer option.

  2. I am sorry , i updated correct answers...

  3. are these questions from latest exams?

  4. please upload all the questions u have.. i have my exam tomorrow..

  5. can u please justify the answer for #9 ? we can achieve junction object through look-up also right .

    1. Junction Object - A custom object with two master-detail relationships

  6. Hi jana are u sure that all these questions have chances to come in exam..
    and in ur dumps there are no multi correct answers i mean like a&b, b&d, a,b&d
    I heard that nearly 10-15 questions were multi correct answers it seems.
    can u justify?

  7. Ya thats correct can except only around 60% from this blog..

  8. Replies
    1. 4th ans is b only am practically tried it trust and you also try it

  9. what is the answer for 4 the question , I have exam tomorrow morning , please replay

  10. Hey aruna could u please help me exam is on 14 march..what kind of ques. will be there??

    1. hie rajnish u cleared the exams could u tell me what kind of questions will be there ??

  11. can u send mw the dumps to

  12. hai aruna,songra how you rocked the exam....... i have exam for next week will you please send any dumps that you feel good for exam to the below email

  13. Hi Aruna

    could you plz send me dumps on

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  16. I just removed access to an application from a profile. I am unable to see any f the tabs or objects. How can question #4 be false?

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