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SF Dev 401 Dumps 8

1.If you change the account for an opportunity that has partners, all partners are deleted from the Partners related list


2. Sandboxes ALSO send email notifications when storage limits are reached


3.What does a Case with Red Arrow mean?

 A. The case is closed
 B. The Case is being tracked
 C. The Case is escalated
 D. The Case is Important
 E. The case has got a very high feedback

4.You can create multiple Customer Portals that display different tabs for users with the same profile, as long as the profile has access to each object displayed on a tab


5.  Customizable forecasting can only be enabled if you enable territory management?


6.The organization IDs of your sandboxes remain same each time your sandbox is refreshed


7. One can create Configuration Sandbox from a Full Copy Sandbox


8. If a user accesses a login URL that does not contain a unique identifier of a specific Customer Portal, then they are automatically directed to the login URL of the first Customer Portal you created


9.__________ let you segment your organization's data into logical sections, making searches, reports, and list views more meaningful to users.

 A. Territory Management 
 B. Custom Settings 
 C. Divisions 
 D. None of the Above

10.An opportunity can have only one primary partner


Answers  :

1. a  |  2. b  |  3. c  | 4. a  |  5. b  | 6. b  |  7. b  |  8.  a  |  9. c   |  10.  a


  1. hi jana,
    does these questions come in the exam.

  2. ya sure ...all questions have chances ...thats all..

  3. CRM will be not for exam ...just be aware of it...

  4. No question from dumps comes in certification exam. But they are really helpful,you need to practice in the areas related to these questions. All the best!

  5. to me looks like Admin201 questions

  6. For latest Salesforce certification dumps in PDF format contact us at Refer our blog for more details


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